Main Street

Downtown Hurricane is home to many of the area's unique and local businesses. Shops, restaurants, and some of the City's oldest businesses can be found on Main Street where much of Hurricane's history lies, also. Hurricane can be traced back to 1873, when a railroad track was laid through the town and a small depot was constructed. It was during this period that Main Street developed. In the early 1990's the old depot was rown down and was replaced with a small gazebo which is still standing today.

Main Street Businesses

Parson's Pre-Owned Automotive
2855 Main Street | 304-751-6242
Used cars, great deals

Allen Funeral Home
2837 Main Street | 304-562-9711
Family owned, professional services

2825 Main Street | 304-397-6172
Personalized gifts and home items

George's Cleaners
2833 Main Street | 304-562-9977
Dry cleaning and laundry center

Blind Wizard
2813 Main Street | 304-397-6733
Custom blinds and window treatments

Hidden Creek Mercantile & The Copper Room
2803 Main Street | 681-233-4049
Local artisans, smoothies, juices, more

Putnam County Bank
2761 Main Street | 304-562-9931
Personal and commercial banking

Books & Brews
2759 Main Street | 681-233-4005
Used books, coffee, food, brews

Hurricane Floral
2755 Main Street | 304-562-3167
Floral and gift shop, women's clothing

Bear Wood Company
2755 Main Street | 304-982-9078
Handmade, specialty wood products and furniture

Four Seasons Salon
2745 Main Street | 304-562-4400
Full-service hair salon

The Sweet Retreat
2739 Main Street | 681-233-4007
Cupcakes, treats, sandiwhces, more

Main Street Music
2729 Main Street | 304-397-6179
Music lessons

Saving Vintage
2723 Main Street | 304-421-2519
Refinished items and antiques, great prices

Bravo Live DJ
2730 Second Street | 304-421-6916
Music and DJ services

Dale Morton Studio
2730 Second Street | 304-562-7503
Custom made mascots and costumes

Hiestand Insurance
2713 Main Street | 304-562-6556
Prudential financial professional

Rappold's Barber Shop
153 Dudding Avenue | 304-549-8968
Barber shop services