City Projects

The City of Hurricane is constantly involved in projects to better the community. Projects that promote the growth and development of Hurricane are a top priority. The City boasts a population growth rate of over 20% in the past ten years which creates the consistent need to offer more amenities for not just residents, but to make Hurricane an attractive place for visitors. The City has many projects in progress highlighted below. Have an idea for a new project or a suggestion to a current project? Contact us at:

Main Street Revitalization


The City of Hurricane is taking necessary and responsible steps to keep the downtown area of Hurricane thriving. Since 2014, Main Street has seen new businesses open their doors to the community as part of the efforts of City Officials seeking out the needs on Main Street. Books & Brews, The Sweet Retreat, Saving Vintage, Four Seasons Salon, Bear Wood Company, and The Gallery are all new businesses located on Main Street that are expanding what the area has to offer to residents and visitors in Hurricane. The City anticipates more storefronts moving in and providing necessary, retail-oriented outlets for consumers. View these businesses, and other local business located throughout the city in our Local Business Directory located on the right-hand side of this page.


The City of Hurricane has enhanced the area with cosmetic pieces. The City began taking down previous street signs and posts and replacing them with historic, black iron posts and signs to also match the uniformed business signs that hang from the buildings illustrating each business. These enhancements provide new esthetics that make the area appear vibrant and updated. Efforts from City Officials are still under way through grant and funding opportunities to increase "curb appeal" and make the area more accessible and appealing to the public.


In 2015, students from the Putnam County Career and Technical Drafting and Design class took Main Street on as a project to suggest major renovations and upgrades the City and other Main Street building owners could consider. Students assessed the buildings and created 3D designs to conceptualize improvements and upgrades that could be made to the buildings. See the full scope of their project here. The City is working to incorporate these ideas into revitalization efforts.

Hurricane Bridge Park


The City of Hurricane purchased just under 50 acres of land to develop into a state-of-the art public park for the community to enjoy. The new park will feature an incredible trail system, deluxe shelters, an amphitheater, athletic fields and facilities, and much more. The park will offer many recreational opportunities for youth and adult sports leagues, travel leagues, and the general public. The trail system will also be great for walkers, hikers, and bikers.


Providing more athletic facilities for teams and leagues is a very big need in the Hurricane and surrounding areas. These facilities will give great opportunity to athletic teams in need of practice and game space. These fields, in conjunction with fields at Valley Park and Hurricane City Park offer the ability for Hurricane to host travel league tournaments and other large sporting events.


Along with athletic and recreational opportunities, the park will feature space for the arts and entertainment. Multiple deluxe shelters will be constructed to offer large event space along with a new amphitheater to be utilized for concerts, performances, and other events.


Any groups, clubs, and/or businesses that wish to become involved in making an impression on this project, there are currently fundraising opportunities available. The Hurricane Bridge Park Fundraising Programs flyer is available to those interested. For more information, please contact City Hall: 304-562-5896.

Student/Youth Involvement

The City of Hurricane encourages students/youth become involved in aspects of community development through the use of real-life projects and situations in order to better educate themselves on the many moving pieces of their community.


In 2016, two Putnam County Career and Technical Center students used the City's Main Street revitalization efforts to draft design plans for their suggestions to the appearance of Main Street. The students took the time to research the landscape, and come up with their proposed design.

Putnam County Career and Technical Center Main Street Design


In the Spring of 2017, two University of Charleston Students came to the City to inquire about their senior project for their design class. Below you can find links to both of these students' conceptual designs for the John Henson Senior Center.

Student 1 Senior Center Design Concept
Student 2 Senior Center Design Concept