Police Department

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TIP LINE: 304-562-1188
Email Address: CIU@hurricanewv.com

The Hurricane Police Department has 16 sworn members with more than 165 years of combined service to the City. The department also has two civilian employees who are responsible for the administrative management of the department and City Court.

Chief of Police W.M. (Mike) Mullins has worked as an Officer for the City of Hurricane since 1992 and was appointed Chief of Police in 2007.

The Hurricane Police Department responds to an average of 531 calls for service per month with an average response time of 2-3 minutes.

The Road Patrol is the largest division in the agency. The officers that make up this division respond to calls for service dispatched by the Putnam County Emergency 911 Center as well as patrol the City in search of crimes in progress. Road officers respond to all traffic related issues such as traffic accidents and patrol for traffic violations. Our proactive approach to policing not only detects crimes in progress, but is also responsible for deterring many crimes. The Patrol Division is organized into four squads; two day shift and two night shift, each supervised by a Captain, Lieutenant, or Sergeant.

The Hurricane Police Department Detective Unit consists of one criminal investigator and one narcotics investigator. The Criminal Investigator is responsible for assisting the Patrol Division with investigations related to suspected violations of Federal, State, or local laws to prevent or solve crimes, with specific concentration on violent crimes and other crimes requiring long-term investigations. The Narcotics Investigator specializes in preventing illegal drug use and distribution while working regionally with other police agencies to combat these crimes. Over the past years, the Hurricane Police Department has seized thousands of dollars worth of controlled substances as well as vehicles and currency.

The Hurricane Police Department K-9 Division has proven to be a valuable asset to the department’s daily operations. Cpl. R.C. Flinn and his K-9 partner “Axel” provide narcotics detection, criminal apprehension, building searches, area searches, evidence detection, tracking of missing persons, tracking fleeing suspects and crowd control.

The Hurricane Police Department works closely with all six primary and secondary schools in our city and participates in the School Resource Officer program (SRO). The SRO program places a certified police officer in the school system with the specific goal of addressing prevention, mentoring, and safety of all students.

Employment Application

Below is a list of the Officers and employees for the Hurricane Police Department:

Chief of Police

W.M. Mullins


S.L. Pete
S.E. Lusher


D.R. Campbell
T.J. Dillon
L.M. Angell
R.E. Poe


P. Armentrout
C. Eggleton
J. Payne
R. C. Flinn
J. Lucas


T.W. Barker
T. Duran
A. Robinett
​R. Ray


Sgt. D.R. Campbell
Sgt. L.M. Angell


Carrie Maynard | Office Manager
Brandi Kinder | Police Clerk


Criminal Interdiction Unit

We have formed a CRIMINAL INTERDICTION UNIT (CIU) within the Hurricane Police Department. This unit consists of 4 police officers and one K-9 officer. The Criminal Interdiction Unit (CIU) will conduct in-town, I-64 and Route 60 interdiction of vehicles and persons responsible for using illegal drugs, transporting illegal drugs as well as other crimes. While on duty, they will also augment the officers on regular patrol as necessary for vehicle searches, K-9 tracking, etc.

It is sad that the number of drug dealers and drug users has caused this to happen, but I will do everything in my power to cause the arrest of each and every one of them in the City of Hurricane.  While I cannot fix the entire problem, our police department can and will be aggressive in their patrol to catch those that are attempting to ruin our wonderful community.  

To those of you that are not criminals: You will notice extra patrol. You will see more stops by officers. You may be stopped yourself, as this is part of true interdiction. If you are stopped, simply cooperate and you will be sent on your way.  (by the way, thank the officers for doing their job. They are just doing what I have asked them to do.)

We need the community’s help to make this a success!   We need you to call if you see suspicious drug activity.  If you know drug activity is occurring at a specific location, we need to know.  If you have a lead on any crime, we need you to call. We need you to be behind these officers as they do their jobs.  Please call (304) 562-9911 with info, email CIU@HURRICANEWV.COM , or you can also private message me with non-urgent information and I will pass it on.

Thank you,
Mayor Scott Edwards