Mayor, Recorder & Council

Scott Edwards, Mayor
(304) 419-0022

Linda Gibson, Recorder
(304) 562-5372

Council Members

Reggie Billups
(304) 562-3852

Brian Ellis
(304) 562-9683

Marshall Ginn
(304) 541-9421

Steve Goff
(304) 562-5725

Gerry Spears
(304) 421-2515

Dennis Carte, Treasurer, (304) 610-2197
Phyllis Smith, Municipal Judge
Kevin Lawson, Municipal Attorney

Appointed administrators for the City include:

Ben Newhouse, City Manager  

Amanda Ramey, Marketing and Development Manager

Danny Brickles, Building Code Enforcement Officer

Fredda Ray, Finance Manager

Jill Adams, Personnel Manager

April McCracken, Payables Manager

Mike Mullins, Police Chief

Ronnie Woodall, Water and Waste Water Superintendent, Humane Officer


All administrators may be contacted at (304) 562-5896.